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Hey there again here are some freebies for anyone who needs or wants help with their online work all my products here at my store called John's Ninja leads store killer deals n leads for sure. are free 100% and 100 % real products that are 100% real good to help you with any online work you may be doing or going to be starting doing ok. Freebies' And if anyone wants a store as I have here called John's Ninja leads store killer deals n leads for sure. where you give away free products to those who want them and need them and you get their email in return for the free products, their email is to add them to your list, it is a good two-way deal I think, just make sure the products you are giving away are 100% the real deal and is going to help them in some way. I am going to give away the basic Nanja store for free, then if you want a premium account then it is going to be $ 5 dollars, at a premium you can get up to 5000 leads with this store with basic The free store you get only 50, also with the upgrade to premium you get an import of free products from my store, or you can upgrade again to a reseller account and get as many leads as you want with the premium import as well for $ 29.99 it is a really good deal as many leads as you want for only $29.99 massage me here at this email johnclarkethekillerdealguy@gmail.com to tell me what account you want the free basic account with 50 leads or the 500 accounts called the premium import for $5 dollars or the or the reseller account with unlimited leads and the premium import with it for only $ 29.99 pick what one you are going to want to email me and I send the account to you along with your login info and also I give to you a way to pay ok thanks again, John Clarke aka the killer deal guy. freebies Plz take the link copy it and give it out to friends all friends there are some really good free products in this store so plz tell your friends and family members if they would like some giveaways too, and even if you are not doing affiliate marketing, you may know someone who is giving them this link ok thanks again John Clarke aka The killer deal guy. you can not beat this killer deal, can you. if you want to pick up this ninja product for yourself to make your own store then send me a message at johnclarkethekillerdealguy@gmail.com and I make sure to get you your free account or whatever you pay for just tell me what you want and I send you a way to payfor it ok thanks, John Clarke aka the killer deal guy. FREE John's Ninja leads store killer deals n leads for sure.